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Golden Projects can assist you with all your auditing needs including sub-supplier audits, vendor assessment audits, etc. For any quality management system that is audited by a notified body/supplier, internal auditing is an essential requirement to ensure compliance.

– Conducting Internal audits as per QMS requirements.

  • Setting up an auditing schedule.
  • Monthly compliance audits.
  • Completing supplier audits.
  • Documenting simple and easy to use internal compliance audit documentation.
  • Assist with any non-compliance issues.
  • Identifies any gaps within a Quality Management System.
  • Allows you to identify areas where improvements can be made.

– GP will work with you to develop and put in place:

  • Audit criteria.
  • Scope of an audit.
  • Audit schedule.
  • Audit documentation.
  • System for reporting audit results and follow-up actions.

– Conducting vendor audits for project assessments, vendor registration, etc.

Providing support to the client and identify the vendor’s capability to suit their requirements by conducting project assessments and vendor registration audit.

– Third Party Inspection Services in India.

Provide support as TPI to projects in India and report in a timely manner.

– ISO implementation, Certifications and Trainings.

Golden Projects provide a Quality Management System, tailor-made documentation for your company to help implement successful systems for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. Services include extensive gap analysis, external liaising with the Certification Body and monthly audits thereafter.

– Human resources support.

We provide competent human resources support for all office and projects work requirements. The activities can be taken by supported engineer deputed on site. A deputed engineer can assist in conducting welder qualification tests, preparation of WPS, Quality documents like inspection and test plans (ITPs), reports format, filling of these reports during stage wise inspection, corrective actions in case of failures during testing and assistance in getting final approvals from client’s authority.

– Project-specific special trainings.

Project-specific special training shall be provided based on clients requirements.

– Others

Golden Projects will provide the other industrial services as per client requirements.

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