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Award of TPI services Project by NE (Nooter Eriksen) in India
Award of API services Project in Muscat
About Golden Projects

We, “Golden Projects” are industrial support systems that have the capabilities of guiding Companies through the process of implementing systems and improving their quality processes. With a number of years’ experience working in the Engineering Projects, GP can help you for the support of various Engineering activities related Audits, Inspection , ISO implementation and Trainings.

At Golden Projects, we pride ourselves on providing support to companies where we take a vested interested in helping them to achieve company goals. We ensure that the work is completed with the highest standard and quality. We will meet the project deadlines and provide regular updates.


Internl Audit

Conducting Internal audits as per QMS requirements.

Vendor Audit

Conducting vendor audits for project assessments, vendor registration etc.

Third Party Inspection

Third Party Inspection Services in India.


ISO implementation, Certifications and Trainings.

Human Resources

Human resources support.


Project specific special trainings.

Latest Projects